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Celebration of the Boar

Celebration of the Boar

Chinese Calligraphy Show, Demo and Workshop (Free Event)

Celebration of the Boar Febuary 2, 2019
4:30 pm – 6:30 pm

To be held at West Coast Wing Chun
2698 Junipero Ave #116
Signal Hill, Ca 90755

Celebrate the Boar with Master Shantien Tom Chow

Master Shantien Tom Chow has studied Chinese calligraphy and painting under masters of the 1960’s. He has exihibited in Taiwan, Japan, China and the U.S., and has been teaching brush art for 30 years.

About Calligraphy – Touch of the Brush

Chinese Calligraphy, the ancient Chinese art of writing Chinese characters, closely resembles martial arts in that both are real time executions, with a battle won or lost within a single encounter or brushstroke.

Calligraphy is a discipline dedicated to life long improvement of physical and spiritual well being, and carries a deep respect for tradition.

Celebrate the Boar Event

Calligraphy Show

Master Tom Chow’s works and the works of his long students will be displayed. The artists will be present to discuss their works and the process of creating their pieces.

Refreshments will be served.

Calligraphy Demo

Master Tom Chow will demonstrate big brush calligraphy on the floor. His real time execution of energy and form is masterful. He has performed this specialized art form for Sony Corporation.

Calligraphy Workshop

Artists will demo real time Calligraphy for you and will then, give you a turn to make your own piece of Calligraphy. They will give your pointers and tips on how to apply the correct pressure, which part of the brush to use, which direction to flow, and the correct energy to place in your piece!