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Adult Wing Chun Classes

Adult Wing Chun Classes


Adult Wing Chun Classes

We have carefully considered your path for learning Wing Chun Kung Fu.  All of our Adult Wing Chun classes keep your progression in mind.  Our classes will challenge you so you will work just slightly above your level, but will not discourage you.  Our classes are organized and structured. 


Wing Chun Boot Camp curriculum is comprised of 11 introductory Adult Wing Chun Kung Fu classes and is disciplined training for potential new students.  Appropriate for ages 15 and Up.  No Age Limit.

Everyone comes to us with equal opportunity to be our student.  We welcome you with open arms, but do you have what it takes to really learn a martial art? 

You see, learning a martial art is about more than fighting.   It is about coming face to face against the greatest opponent you will ever have: yourself.  It is about persevering and accomplishing something that you didn’t know you could do. 

But we believe in you.  We have never had a person fail our Boot Camp course who wanted to pass and become a part of our family.  Do you have what it takes? We think you do!

Read more about our Boot Camp Curriculum and what to expect at a Wing Chun Boot Camp Class.

All potential Wing Chun  adult students must complete the Wing Chun Boot Camp course.  It is your first step in learning Wing Chun and sets you on a path of Achievement. 

Upon successful completion of the Wing Chun Boot Camp program, we will invite you to continue on to Phase 2 of your training.  At this stage, you will be considered an official student and family member. 

View our full Wing Chun Curriculum. 

You may GET STARTED NOW and may enter into our Wing Chun Boot Camp – Phase 1 Program at anytime. 

Since our 11 Introductory Classes repeat themselves,  you may start during any week and circle forward until the program is completed.  Intro Boot Camp classes are held on Thursdays from 7pm-9:30pm.

Our next class held this Thursday, November 28th is Class 1!  This is a great time to start!

  • Your lecture is an introduction to Wing Chun!
  • You will learn the Yee Gee Kim Yeung Ma / Wing Chun’s Root Stance
  • You will learn the Man Sau Wu Sau / On Guard
  • You will learn the Yat Chee Cheung Kuen / Wing Chun Punch

Sound like fun? We think so!

If you’d like to save a little $ (don’t we all), then you may purchase the whole course at a huge discount! All 12 weeks of training for only $333!

This includes:

  • Intro to Wing Chun Training Booklet
  • All Open Training classes! See Wing Chun Calendar.
  • All #levelup testing.


Start Anytime