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Private Wing Chun Classes

Private Wing Chun Classes

Private Wing Chun Classes

Sifu Bryan Talbot training Lorena Alvarez

What is a Private Wing Chun Class?

In a one-on-one private Wing Chun class, the instructor will be both your teacher and your training partner for an agreed upon time slot.  You may also book a private Wing Chun class and share the time and financial cost with a friend. 

The Benefits of Private Wing Chun Classes

The benefits of private Wing Chun classes are many. You may train privately with an instructor independent of our group classes or as an addendum to your ongoing wing chun training.

  • Private Wing Chun classes will provide you with more hands on time and experience with an instructor whose skill is greater than yours.  This is invaluable training that will increase your own skill quickly as you can feel the instructor's energy, power and structure.  
  • Private Wing Chun classes will help keep you focused on the training that is best for your individual needs.
  • Private Wing Chun classes will give the instructor more time in addressing specific questions or problems that arise in your Wing Chun. The instructor will make sure that the Wing Chun is suited specifically to your talent, skill level and body type.
  • Private Wing Chun classes will give you the opportunity to catch up on any material you may have missed in your ongoing group classes.
  • Private Wing Chun classes will allow you to progress through and integrate with the system more quickly.
  • Private Wing Chun classes may be used as an alternate means of passing through our Introduction to Wing Chun Boot Camp program if our current schedule does not accommodate your current schedule.  The instructor will teach your classes to you privately - each of the 11 classes presented will require a minimum of 3 hours of training.  

How do I book a private Wing Chun class?

First, decide which instructor you would like an appointment with.  Then call us at 562-426-1949.  You  may also email us at westcoastwingchun@ipmankungfu.com .  

If you are not already a student with us, please tell us a bit about yourself, your Wing Chun experience, if any, and your availability.  We will set up an appointment with you over the phone.  All private Training classes must be paid for prior to the scheduled appointment and will be held at West Coast Wing Chun in Long Beach, Ca.  If you are interested in training with Sifu Bryan Talbot and/or Lo Si Kimmy but do not live locally of the West Coast Wing Chun Kwoon, please consider hosting a Wing Chun seminar.

West Coast Wing Chun Long Beach Instructors

Sifu Bryan Talbot - Chief Instructor West Coast Wing Chun

Sifu Bryan Talbot has touched hands with & trained with some of the greatest Wing Chun Masters in the world today: Sifus Ip Ching, Ron Heimberger and Samuel Kwok.  His experience in martial arts spans over 4 decades, while his experience in pure Wing Chun spans over 3 decades.  He is available for regular appointments at his Long Beach Kwoon for serious students only.   His rates are listed below.   Please contact him at 562-426-1949 to schedule an appoinment. You may also email him at sifubryantalbot@ipmankungfu.com.  

WCWC Affiliated StudentNon-Affiliated Student
$126 per hour$153 per hour