Traditional Martial Arts School| Long Beach | Signal Hill, Ca.

Trial Class

Please find an appointment that works for you for a trial class:

If you are an adult looking to learn Wing Chun, please sign up for the Wing Chun Boot Camp class on Thursday evening at 7pm.   Please keep in mind our next Intro to Wing Chun Boot Camp course begins on:

Thursday, August 9th,  7:00 PM – 9:30 PM  All potential students who sign up and show up to their free trial will receive 10% off Boot Camp if they join and pay the night of their free trial class.

After you book your class, please write Sifu Bryan a letter at  explaining why you wish to learn Wing Chun,  how much time you are able to commit to training, what your short and long term goals are, and if you have any martial arts experience.  Don’t worry, no experience is necessary!

Please view our full Wing Chun Curriculum.


If you are signing up your child for a free trial class,  you may either come on a Wednesday at 5pm or Saturday at 10am.  Please choose which time below.  Your child should wear black sweats or pants, a plain white tee shirt