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Fa Jing  

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Fa Jing, or whipping power, is a difficult concept to attain. However, with regular practice and focus, a Wing Chun practitioner can start developing this skill early in their training, eventually allowing them to have the skill necessary to generate powerful Fa Jing attacks from different angles, using different techniques. The following are some pointers on how to start developing Fa Jing, which I still perform in order to continue to develop this whipping energy for myself (remember you can always become better at every concept and technique). To start developing Fa Jing, one must keep three concepts in mind while training:
1) Relaxation
2) Balance (root)
3) Intent

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Why a Boot Camp Approach to Learning Wing Chun

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1. Learning Wing Chun is about learning Control.  
Anyone can hit. Watch a three year old.  Learning to control your opponent is where Wing Chun’s major skill lies.  If you can control your opponent, you can hit them at will.  However, in order to control your opponent,  you must have control of your own body first, and then attain a thorough understanding of  our Principles and Concepts. 

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Fan Sau – Continuous Motion in Life and Kung Fu

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Fan Sau Continuous Motion in Life and Kung Fu Constant motion refers to any type of motion that fits either of the following two principles: (1) the distance traveled by the object is the same for each second, or (2) the speed of the object changes by the same amount each second. Thus, the structure of a Continuous Motion technique “Fan Sau” is attributed to changes in speed and economy of motion. Much like the distance traveled or changes in speed, a person’s life as well as his/her training, flows in similar principalities. Fan Sau can be...

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Donnie Yen’s ‘powerful’ Wing Chun leaves boxer Mike Tyson with FRACTURED FINGER

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We were all a little surprised when Mike Tyson was cast opposite Donnie Yen in the next Ip Man movie. Everyone I know is a bit curious to see how this will play out in real life and on the big screen…and our first bit of gossip about the interaction is actually not so surprising.

Finger injuries are among the most common in Wing Chun. Because our art involves manual dexterity, a nimbleness of our hands, we are more vulnerable to sprains and breaks to the digits. We even use our fingers to attack directly to the eyes or to add explosive power to pulling or slapping motions (lop sau or an exploitive pak sau).

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The Importance of Daily Practice

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The Importance of Daily Practice

There is an old saying that Kung fu training is 10 percent learning and 90 percent practice. If our time spent learning from our instructors in class counts as that 10 percent learning, what of the other 90 percent? This of course comes in the form of our own personal training at home, without this training how can we hope to make the progress that will allow us to reach our goals?

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