Wing Chun Martial Arts Classes for Adults and Kids – Signal Hill | Long Beach, Ca

Why Wing Chun?



Wing Chun is one of the most popular systems of Kung Fu in the world.  When practiced and taught correctly, Wing Chun is a highly effective combat and street fighting art.  It uses simplicity, economy of movement and sensitivity of touch.  Since Wing Chun’s applications do not rely on physical strength, it is an excellent means of self defense for men, women and children.

Wing Chun is a combat art that specializes in close range fighting.  Since time and power are significantly diminished in the closer range, Wing Chun employs the use of Chi Sau or sticking hands to develop reflex to deal with an opponent’s incoming force and the use of short range power.  

Further,  Wing Chun uses both soft and hard energies, a true blending of internal and external forces.  Hey Gong or Breath Work is present in our Siu Lim Tao Form and yields many benefits that internal arts do, such as soft power, mental clarity and a calm state of being,  as well as health and longevity. 

When using the art, the practitioner uses relaxation to yield and move around force,  but at strategic moments tenses to create a whipping power known as Fa Jing.  The effectiveness of Wing Chun is achieved through the culmination of all these energies,  in addition to the use of its scientific Principles and concepts which act as a blue print for limitless application in a fighting / self defense scenario.

Although considered a stand up fighting art, Wing Chun’s principles and concepts may be additionally used in the horizontal plane, though we do not consider ground fighting a tactic for self-defense or combat.  Traditionally Wing Chun uses low level kicks,  punches, palm strikes,  joint locks and trapping. 

Compared to other traditional martial arts, Wing Chun can be learned fairly quickly.  A student can expect to use Wing Chun effectively in a self-defense situation in about 2 years.  However, reaching the higher levels of skills will take serious commitment. A student can expect to learn the entire system in approximately 6 years.



Wing Chun consists of 3 open hand forms,  Siu Lim Tao, Chum Kiu, and Biu Gee, as well as the  Wooden Dummy , Knife and Pole Forms


WingBruce Lee doing Chiu Sau with his Wing Chun teacher, Ip Man. Chun was originally made popular outside of China by legendary martial artist and film star Bruce Lee whose Wing Chun Sifu was the late Grand Master Ip Man, as shown in the picture. Currently, Wing Chun has seen a resurgence in popularity due to the highly popular films about Ip Man himself.   The first of a series,  “Ip Man”, was critically acclaimed and won several awards. Ip Man 2, The Legend is Born, & Grandmasters and Ip Man 3 additionally have seen great popularity.