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Angela Minerva

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Hi! I am Lo Si Kimmy Squiers. Four years ago, I began forming the idea in my mind of an organization that would support, elevate and honor women in Wing Chun while giving female sifus a platform in whichto offer their instruction and perspective in Wing Chun. Wing Chun Women™ is that organization. This blog’s aim is to promote women who practice and/or teach the art. The women in this blog have no affiliation with West Coast Wing Chun. Many have started their own organizations to much success, while others belong to other associations and organizations across the world and represent the spectrum of Wing Chun lineages across the globe.

All who interact with this blog must be respectful in all interactions and comments. Anyone who fails to obey this rule will be kicked off the page and reported to Facebook. 

If any woman who is posted here does not want to be posted and wishes to keep their privacy, please let me know and I will remove your photos, videos or info. This site does not wish to harm or exploit a woman or women in any way. Our mission is to solely elevate women in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Your images or videos will not be used commercially without your written approval and agreement.

Angela Minerva - Master of Wing Chun

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Angela Minerva (Kwok Wing Miu) first attended a Wing Chun seminar in 1994. After being impressed by Wing Chun she began formally training with Sifu Ron Heimberger, under the direct teaching of Bryan Talbot, in Prescott Valley, Arizona. After the passing of Sifu Ron Heimberger in March of 2008 Angela was introduced to Sifu Samuel Kwok. Sifu Kwok graciously accepted her as a disciple and has brought new levels of understanding to Ip Man Wing Chun. Sifu Angela is the Chief Instructor at Phoenix Wing Chun, an indoor disciple of her Sifu, Samuel Kwok, was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and has been awarded a certificate of recognition as a Master of the Martial Arts in Wing Chun from the World Wide Martial Arts Council.

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