Wing Chun Martial Arts Classes for Adults and Kids – Signal Hill | Long Beach, Ca

Qi Gong & Sound Bath

Qi Gong (Chi Kung) & Sound Bath

We will practice 1 Hour of Standing Chi Kung facilitated by West Coast Wing Chun accompanied by Sound Vibrations by Kintamani Moon created with Planetary Gongs, Full Moon Tibetan Singing Bowls, Koshi Wind Chimes, Buffalo / Ocean Drums, Turntables / DJ Controllers, Plant Frequencies + more. Sound vibrations and sounds will be chosen intuitively in the moment to help aid practitioners in this Chi Kung journey.

March 5th, 2019
7pm – 8:30pm

To be held at:
West Coast Wing Chun
2698 Junipero Ave #116
Signal Hill, Ca 90755

About Sound

Instruments, such as Gongs, Singing Bowls, and the Human Voice, have been used since early history in the health and well-being of man. More recently, bi-naural beats and electronic music have also been used for this purpose. The skilled combination of these instruments creates a super-charged vibration that has the ability to uplift and clear internal energy blockages within.

Sound vibrations are additionally useful in our Qi Gong practices and aid in building and moving energy in our bodies.

Qi Gong / Chi Kung

While Qi Gong is breath work, it is generally practiced to generate and circulate energy through out the body. There are many, many types of Chi Kung, each with varying practices and intents.

In Wing Chun Kung Fu, we practice a form of Chi Kung that is meant to build and circulate energy into 4 specific areas. This Qi Gong, combined with specific breathe work and visualization, is very powerful to root to the earth and ground your energy. This Chi Kung is good for those who:

  • Study alot
  • Do intellectual work
  • Do healing work
  • Have trouble being grounded
  • Practice sports
  • Want to connect to their bodies more
  • Want to build & balance their energy
  • Feel Stressed

The 4 Areas/Energy Centers this Chi Kung we will focus on in our Sound Healing & Chi Kung Event are:

Lower Dan Tien

The lower Dan Tien is roughly two to two and a half inches below the navel and is considered the major energy center of the body. It supplies energy throughout the entire body, and acts as a sort of reservoir for energy.

Yong Quon

The Yong Quon Point is located on the bottom of the foot. It is a very important point that can ascend energy from the earth into our bodies and descend excess energy from the body into the earth.

In Martial Arts, this point borrows energy from the earth and aids us in devloping overall power, but especially in our footwork. This point is also used in our Chi Kung practice in cultivating a root for grounding and balancing our chi.

This combined with specific visualization provides for a strong foundation for any physical, mental or empotional endeavor.

Lao Gong

The Lau Gong (Pericardium 8) is in the palm. This point is considered an important energy center (though minor in relation to the dan tien). Martial artists focus on the Lao Gong to deliver power in their palm attacks. However, healing artist may focus on this point to deliver energy to their patient. In acupuncture, it may be used for rejuvenation and increasing overall internal energy.

Qing Leng Yuan

The Qing Leng Yuan (TH 11) is located at the back of the elbow. Martial artists focus on this point to increase elbow power. In acupuncture, this local point falls on the triple warmer (burner) and is used to relieve headaches, yellowness of the eyes, pain of the upper extremities.

About Kintamani Moon

Kintamani Moon

Arvindjeet Kaur (Evelyn Dao) and Hyphen Select (Dru Ali) come together as Kintamani Moon, a compassionate sound healing project, serving and co-creating with community earth by sharing natural wellness modalities such as Breathwork, Movement, Meditation, Kundalini Yoga & Universal Energy Healing, combined with nurturing sound frequencies to elevate the well-being of all.

Read more About Kintamani Moon.