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Sifu Bryan Talbot Wing Chun Seminars



Sifu Bryan Talbot is a leading 3rd generation Wing Chun Master.  His certification as a Master of Wing Chun was originally given to him by Master Ron Heimberger on Dec. 13, 2003 under the direct supervision of Grand master Ip Ching  youngest son of the late Grand master  Ip Man.  Later, he was recognized as a Master of Wing Chun by the World Wide Martial Art Council signed by Grandmaster Samuel Kwok on October 1st, 2013.  

Sifu Bryan has over 4 decades experience in martial arts and more than 3 decades of experience in Wing Chun Kung Fu. His current Sifu, Samuel Kwok is considered one of the top 3 Wing Chun practitioners in the world and one the foremost authorities on Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Sifu Bryan Talbot is available for following Wing Chun seminars world-wide.  In addition to the costs listed below, all travel, airfare & accommodations must be provided by the seminar host.   However, you may sell tickets to the seminars at whatever price point you wish.  Any profit is exclusively yours.  



SeminarCostTime NeededDescription
Intro to Wing Chun – Boot Camp$40004 Days – 6 Hours per DayThis seminar will introduce you to 11 methods of defense and 6 methods of attack, Dan Chi Sau (single Sticky hands) & Basic Footwork. You will explore how each motion can be applied in a basic way. Emphasis is on technique, Wing Chun Principles & Concepts. NO PREREQUISITE REQUIRED.
Bridging$15001 Day – 6 HoursBridging from no-contact at close, mid and long ranges with basic follow-through. Some experience helpful, but not necessary.
Chi Sau$12501 Day – 6 hoursThis seminar will teach the student who has never done Chi Sau how to do Look Sau, Gate Testing, Transitions & Basic Chi Sau structures. Some experience helpful, but not necessary.
Chi Sau Applications$17501 Day – 6 HoursThis seminar will correlate Chi Sau training to real life fighting. Some Chi Sau experience helpful.
Mook Jong – Wooden Dummy Form$20002 Days – 6 Hours per DayThis seminar will teach you the complete Wing Chun Dummy Form. Experience helpful, but not necessary.
Mook Jong – Applying Chi Sau$20001 Day – 6 HoursThis seminar teaches an experienced practitioner Chi Sau Structures on the Wooden Dummy. Some Chi Sau experience necessary.