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Wooden Dummy Pop Up

Wooden Dummy Pop Up

Wooden Dummy Section 1 Pop Up Workshop

March 20, 2019
7:30pm – 9:30pm
Register Early –there are only 8 spots available.

What is a Pop Up?

A Pop Up at West Coast Wing Chun is a class or workshop that pop-ups on the schedule and may or may not be offered ever again.

What Will be Taught?

The students will learn the Dummy First Section in the Air (to facilitate mental acuity and a deeper understanding of the form) and on the Dummy. We have 4 dummies of various sizes; you will work on all of them to mimic the differences in an opponent’s size. Then, you will learn basic application of the first section.

Traditional Teaching of the Mook Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy)

Traditionally the Mook Yan Jong is not taught until the intermediate and sometimes advanced levels. Very often beginner students who had not begun their Mook Yan Jong training were not even allowed to touch the dummy.

While we respect tradition and teach the Mook Yan Jong at the intermediate and advanced levels in our regular curriculum, we feel that earlier training on the dummy can be beneficial to a younger student for several reasons.

Because we feel a student can benefit from the form from the start, we are offering Section 1 (there are 7 sections) as a Pop Up.

Benefits of Dummy Training

First, the dummy is great at correcting our form, footwork, and distance. It teaches that when we can’t move a bigger and stronger opponent that we must move ourselves around their bodies and force.

When we are too close to the dummy, we are able to see a breakdown of our structure, and when we are too far, we cannot be effective in our power. The dummy teaches us the perfect distance to retain structure and power.

The Wooden Dummy is great for a solo student. Many students have improved in the classroom due to practicing simple drills on the dummy. Some have purchased dummies, excited to learn. This pop-up will give these people a great intro to the dummy and Wing Chun as a whole, while giving them an opportunity to practice when another person is not available.

Banging on the wooden dummy a few hours a day is a great way to develop power and conditioning, release stress, focus the mind and body.