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Fan Sau – Continuous Motion in Life and Kung Fu

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Fan Sau

Continuous Motion in Life and Kung Fu

Constant motion refers to any type of motion that fits either of the following two principles: (1) the distance traveled by the object is the same for each second, or (2) the speed of the object changes by the same amount each second. Thus, the structure of a Continuous Motion technique “Fan Sau” is attributed to changes in speed and economy of motion. Much like the distance traveled or changes in speed, a person’s life as well as his/her training, flows in similar principalities.

Fan Sau can be summarized to be a continuous motion of controlling and attacking an opponent until the confrontation ends. From a bridging hand, the Wing Chun practitioner can execute a Pak Fak Sau to gain gate entry into close quarter combat zone and continue to control the opponent’s limb through series of continuous motion like another Pak Tsang Sau destroying and controlling the limb for one side of the body. In addition, the same continuous motion Fan Sau can be applied to the other side to completely destroy and control the opponent for a total body destruction. Hence, the essence of Fan Sau is “continuation”.

In one’s life, there will be many obstacles that we must learn to overcome. Much like training the Fan Sau, we must not relent but push forward and continue that journey. Applying and choosing the economy of motion for our direction in life will pave the easier way to maneuver around obstacles. Some obstacles can be small while other obstacles are beyond our control. Thus, being continuous in life and not complacent with just living a life, will determine the outcome of that struggle. If obstacles block your path in life, learn to move around it and control what you can. Similar to Wing Chun training, each hand-technique has attributes that the practitioner should become proficient in knowing and understanding. You don’t defend against a high swing punch using a Tan Sau knowing that the structure will collapse upon impact. Instead, you would defend using a Biu Sau to nullify the strike and continuously applying a Fan Sau motion like a Pak Jek Cheung to control and destroy that arm. However, never be complacent in techniques, but rather using Fan Sau to immediately follow up if necessary.

“Grandmaster Ip Man believed one of the most important aims of Chi Sau was to train the speed and technique and eventual unconscious reflect of Fan Sau.”

(GM Samuel Kwok, Mastering Wing Chun) – Sifu Lee Kim

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