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White Sash Terms 


Yat - One
Yee - Two
Sam - Three
Ju Yee - Attention
Jum Ma - Sink the Stance
Hoi Ma - Setting up the Stance
Yee Gee Kim Yeung Ma - Character 2 Frontal Adduction Stance
Say - Four
Ng - Five
Look - Six
Man Sau - Asking Hand
Wu Sau - Protective Hand
Pak Sau - Slap Block
Guan Sau - Slicing Hand
Da - Strike
Chat - Seven
Bot - Eight
Gow - Nine
Sup - Ten
Juen Ma - Turn Stance
Sifu - Kung Fu Father
Simo - Kung Fu Mother
Si Gung - Kung Fu Grandfather
Tan Sau - Palm Up Hand
Jeet - Instercept
Tung Moon - Fellow Student
 Si Hing - Older Kung Fu Brother
Si Je - Older Kung Fu Sister
Jum Sau - Sinking Arm
Jek Cheung - Verticle Palm
Bui Ma - Piercing Step
Lo Si - Assistant to Sifu
Siu Lo Si - Little Assistant to Sifu
Bong Sau - Wing Arm
Lop Sau - Pulling Hand
Yat Fook Yee - One Hand Covers or Takes Care of Two
Jut Sau - Jerking Hand
Tek - Kick
Jing Tek - Front Nailing Kick
Wang Tek - Side Kick
Tan Gerk - Dispersing Leg
Ma Fong - Stance Integrity
Chong Ma - Bracing Step
 Huen Sau - Circling Hand
Sip Ma - Intercepting Stance
Fak Sau - Swinging Arm
Tsang Sau (Chang Sau) - Spade Hand
Gum Sau - Pinning Hand
Chin Na - Joint Locking
Fahn Jarn - Back Elbow
Wang Bui Ma - Side Step
No Balance... - No Power.
Coordinate the hands and feet... - Movement is together.
Attacks are straight... - Defense is bent.
In uniting the waist and stance... - Power can be generated.
Quickest way to move from point A to point B is by using a - straight line.
Where must my hands be placed when I punch. - On Centerline.


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