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Why a Boot Camp Approach to Learning Wing Chun

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This is the question everyone asks us before taking our intro Wing Chun course.  After taking their first class, they understand. Let us help you understand why learning Wing Chun with the Boot Camp approach is the best for you.

1. Learning Wing Chun is about learning Control.  


Anyone can hit. Watch a three year old.  Learning to control your opponent is where Wing Chun’s major skill lies.  If you can control your opponent, you can hit them at will.  However, in order to control your opponent,  you must have control of your own body first, and then attain a thorough understanding of  our Principles and Concepts. 

Improve Skill and Coordination

Wing Chun Boot Camp will increase your coordination and skill in a systematic method in which you will see major improvements in your own body very quickly.  Most students have difficulty with simultaneous attack and defense for the first class or two. By the third class, 90% of our students have no problem performing simple simultaneous attack and defense motions.  Additionally,  our students learn many simple drills they can use for at home practice on the very first class.   


We know not everyone is going to be talented or skilled to start.   In our experience,  people place too much emphasis on talent and not enough on being disciplined and training smart.  With Wing Chun Boot Camp, you don’t have to worry about whether you are going to be good enough or in shape enough.  You come and practice what you learn in class, and you will improve and get better with time. 


Learn Principles and Concepts

It has been said that Wing Chun is a thinking man’s martial art.  But don’t mistake that for not effective.  Wing Chun is brutally effective as a combat and street fighting art.  But it is imperative, that we do our thinking before a fight ever happens.  We must thoroughly understand Wing Chun’s Principles and Concepts for us to be able to apply them in an actual fight. If a person has not taken the time to understand them thoroughly, the chances are that their Wing Chun will fail.  

Our students have detailed,  dedicated lectures on Wing Chun’s main Principle’s and Concepts including Wedge, Facing, Relaxation, Centerline and many more.  


2. Everyone Learning Wing Chun in the Boot Camp class is starting on the same page.  


Everyone is sharing the same goal: to learn the information or motions the instructor has put forth.  When entering into a mixed-level class, the higher level student ends up trying to teach the beginner student and is not able to practice at his or her own level and will miss out on his or her own learning experience.  Or the beginner student is not given full attention as the teachers try to accommodate the learning of the older student.  Either way, no one is given the attention he or she needs in order to learn well and progress.  

There can be a benefit to working with more advanced students.  In an Intro to Boot Camp class, the older students who attend, are specifically there to help their younger brothers and  sisters and/or to get a better handle on Wing Chun Basics.   The goal remains the same for both…everyone is there to learn the lesson of the day and improve the Wing Chun of all the students in the kwoon.

3. Sifu Bryan Talbot’s goal is to keep the quality of the Wing Chun high in the kwoon.


 West Coast Wing Chun is a school, not a gym, where you come and go as you please and if you miss a day of working out, then no one notices.  Students who attend any school within our organization are expected to show up, practice and learn.  Your Sifu or teacher will hold you accountable for your progress and training. If you are going to miss a class, you must let your Sifu know in advance.  We understand that everyone’s commitment level will vary  dependent on their family and work commitments.  As long as there is a willingness to commit  to learning/practicing and communication is present, then we will welcome you into our family and our 2nd level of training at the Siu Lim Tao level.  If you are flakey and  do not take your training seriously, then you will not pass the course and be allowed  to continue to the next level.  We give everyone a fair shot at learning. The rest is up  to you.


4. When learning Wing Chun, you don’t want to deal with ego.  And we don’t want you to either.


Boot Camp helps us to get to know our prospective students before we we allow them into the Kwoon as a regular family member and student.  If anyone brings baggage and ego, they learn to check it at the door or check out of the course.  When learning Wing Chun,  it is important that we trust one another.  We foster an environment of helping each other learn and level-up.  Friendly competition is fine, but hurting someone else to prove your own worth is not natural and goes against everything martial arts stands for. 


5. It is difficult to know whether you want to commit to learning a martial art by taking one or two classes.  It takes 30 days of doing something new to create a habit.

It takes longer to start to comprehend what a martial art is really about.

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