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Wing Chun Boot Camp Curriculum

Wing Chun Boot Camp Curriculum

Wing Chun Boot Camp Curriculum


The Wing Chun Boot Camp Curriculum is an organized, thoughtfully laid out method of increasing your skill and understanding of Wing Chun’s core Principles & Concepts.  Wing Chun Boot Camp is a three month introduction to Wing Chun – 11 total classes that move your through the Boot Camp in a comprehensive & logical progression. You may start the Boot Camp in any class, then the curriculum will move forward and circle back again.  It is comprehensive and will leave you with a strong foundation.  You must pass 3 written quizzes and a physical final before progressing to the next level.

Wing Chun Boot Camp Curriculum

  1. Solo Group Drilling 

    In order to develop reflex, speed & technical acuity, Wing Chun’s motions need to be burned into the body. While we include detailed lecturing of Wing Chun’s Principles & Concepts, it is not enough. To know something only intellectually is not to really know it. We must also be able to apply the knowledge. This takes time, practice & repetition.   The old Chinese script for Kung Fu means “achievement through accumulated effort”. You have to show up and be willing to do the same thing over and over again.   Bruce Lee said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times.”  

    Additionally, physical fitness is an extremely important part of learning a martial art.  If you are attacked, Sifu Bryan, our Chief Instructor for all West Coast Wing Chun Kwoons, wants to make sure you have conditioned your body to deal with the attacker.  You do not have to already be fit to learn Wing Chun, but you must be willing to work hard at your own level and increase your fitness level.

  2. Chi Kung

    While we work you hard in Wing Chun Boot Camp, we also take you through Chi Kung, an ancient form of Chinese Breath & Energy Work.  Chi Kung is commonly practiced by martial arts for health & vitality, but also is an important part of learning to direct our energy with our intent.  We feel practicing our breath work helps balance our training.   

  3. Lecture

    We feel strongly that it is important a student understand why they are doing what they are doing.  In order to reach high levels of skill in Wing Chun, a student must study wide and deep.  Our Boot Camp course introduces you to Wing Chun’s Principles & Concepts so you may thoroughly investigate & ask questions about the art. This is an extremely important part of your training.  

  4. Paired Drills – Application

    Boot Camp will introduce you to 11 methods of defense and 6 methods of attack, Dan Chi Sau (single Sticky hands) & Basic Footwork.  You will learn partnered drills with your to help build your skill in an organized, linear manner.  You will explore how each motion can be applied in a basic way, so it abides by Wing Chun’s Principles & Concepts. 

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