Wing Chun Martial Arts Classes for Adults and Kids – Signal Hill | Long Beach, Ca


Master Sifu Kwok Chung Shan (Master Sifu Bryan Talbot)

Sifu Bryan Talbot

Chief Instructor of West Coast Wing Chun™ –
Signal Hill, San Diego, Utah

  41 Years Martial Arts Experience  

28 Years Wing Chun Instructor

      • Full time Chief Instructor/Owner of West Coast Wing Chun 
      • 2013 Instructor of the Year – USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame
      • 2013 Inducted into USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame
      • 2013 Masters Certification by World Wide Martial Arts Association signed by Grandmaster Samuel Kwok
      • 2003 Master’s Certification eligible to teach Students and Sifus by the Wing Chun Kung Fu Council (in association with Grandmaster Ip Ching)
      • Personal Disciple of Grandmaster Samuel Kwok 2009 – Present
      • Closed Door Disciple of Master Ron Heimberger 1991 – 2008
      • Founder of West Coast Wing Chun, Long Beach, Ca
      • Original Founder of Self Defense Academy, Prescott, Az.
      • Creator of Wing Chun Boot Camp™
      • The Keys to Ip Man Kung Fu: Baat Cham Do DVD by GM Samuel Kwok – Lead Assistant(Empire Media)
      • Wing Chun Illustrated Samuel Kwok appearance with Samuel Kwok
      • Wing Chun Illustrated Calendar featured with Samuel Kwok
      • Grandmaster Samuel Kwok Trapping DVD – (Masters Magazine)
      • Martial Arts Legends Presents Wing Chun (Magazine)
      • Stunts on feature film “The Chemist” directed by Art Camacho

      Sifu Sung Choi

      Sifu Sung Choi

      Lead Instructor  for West Coast Wing Chun™San Diego

      Lead Instructor ~ West Coast Wing Chun San Diego

      I have been interested in the Martial Arts ever since I could remember. I remember spending Saturday afternoons watching Kung Fu theater with my father and mimicking the movements and of course with the sound effects. I was lucky enough to receive some very sparse informal training from a family friend when we had a gathering of some sort but I yearned for more formal training. As soon as I received my driver’s license, the formal training began and my Martial Arts journey has not stopped from there.

      I started out in the kicking arts but I have always felt like there was something missing. The art seemed a little watered down and there was more of the sporting aspect that has grown during those years. So after college, I started my search for a traditional family like martial art that focused on true defense instead of sparring to gain points. It took me many years and going through many arts before I was introduced to Wing Chun Kung Fu. I knew that this was Bruce Lee’s first art and if that was the case, then it couldn’t be half bad. The more I researched, the more I fell in love the with art. Finally in early 2003, I was lucky enough to start my training with Sifu Bryan’s lineage under the very capable hands of then Jo Gau Dan Anderson. Mr. Anderson helped me greatly adjust my body into proper Wing Chun fashion as he knew of my prior Martial Arts experience. Soon after, I was able to meet Sifu Bryan Talbot and Master Ron Heimberger and it further confirmed and solidified my belief that Wing Chun was truly the right art for me. I trained hard and I was given the opportunity to teach Siu Lim Tao, under supervision, to the beginning students by early 2004. I continued the intensity in training and teaching classes of my own under both Sifu Dan Anderson and Sifu Bryan Talbot.

      In 2009, 1 year after the untimely death of Master Ron Heimberger, I found that my 2 teachers were going in slightly different directions as far as their sifu’s go and suddenly I faced a very difficult decision. No matter what decision I made, I knew that these two sifus have made a great impact in my life and my martial training and I would not be the Wing Chun Practitioner and Instructor that I am without them. I later discovered that Sifu Bryan was accepted as a student and disciple of Samuel Kwok. I heard a lot of great things from Sifu Bryan about Master Samuel Kwok and after a lot of research found that Master Kwok had a deep passion for preserving Grand Master Ip Man’s Wing Chun. Because of this and many factors, I made the decision to train with Sifu Bryan. Soon after, I had the honor of Sifu Bryan graciously accepting me as his first student and disciple under the Samuel Kwok Lineage.

      We hope to bring to the San Diego area a unique and authentic Wing Chun experience through the curriculum of West Coast Wing Chun. We strive to extend Master Samuel Kwok’s knowledge, passion for Ip Man Wing Chun, and compassion to San Diego. For more information on classes in the San Diego area, call 858.848.5320 or email Sifu Sung Choi.

      Lo Si Lee Kim

      Sifu Lee Kim

      Sifu for Layton, Utah

      At the age of 10, Lee Kim was first introduced to “Lao Kune Do”, a form of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, by his brother-in-law. Inspired by this and Tai Chi Chuan, Lee began a long journey into self-cultivation through independent research for the next 20 years. Within those years, Lee Kim continued to train what he learned of Lao Kune Do, but eventually became interested in learning wing chun and contacted Sifu Talbot in 2010. After dedicated training, Sifu Talbot accepted Lee as a student, and shortly thereafter as a disciple. Lee has been student instructing since 2011. Lee Kim is currently teaching out of Layton, Utah, where he recently relocated. For information on classes with Lee in Layton, please call 801-989-6062 or email Lo Si Lee Kim. You can also find more info about his class in the Layton, Utah area by visiting

      Lo Si Kimmy Squiers

      Sifu Kimmy Squiers

      Sifu for Long Beach, Ca

      I began training Wing Chun in 2009 with Grandmaster Samuel Kwok.  I have had the additional benefit of close Wing Chun  tutelage with Master Sifu Bryan Talbot .  I have been very, very fortunate in having access to incredible teachers  from the start.  

      I have worked with Sifu Bryan hand in hand developing West Coast Wing Chun’s curriculum and various programs.  All of our programs and curricula, have been forged from his mind and experiences.  We have worked all of his curricula with out own hands and put the time and hard work into making it the best it can be. There is no cookie cutter approach here.  

       My passion is empowering people, especially our students,  to be their best – some time it requires tough love and sometimes it requires compassion.  There is no  question that life will throw you bumps on your path of learning Wing Chun.  Life happens.  The road to become a Master at anything is to not stop, to never give up.  This carries over into your lives too, doesn’t it?  Don’t stop doing what you love to do – honor that and you will see so many things in your life fall into place.  Honor that and it will help lift other people up.

      I started Wing Chun Women , a Facebook page that honors and promotes Women in Wing Chun, in 2012 and will continue to strive towards empowering women for the rest of my life.  We are currently developing a 4 week course in Self-Defense for Women – based on the principles and concepts in Wing Chun Kung Fu.  

      Here’s a little advice about training that I have learned over the past 7 years:  

      Train smart and train hard.  

      Listen to your Sifu and do what he says.  He has been through it all.  Then, when you think you understand what he is saying, question it for yourself. Try to understand what he is saying on a deeper level.  Converse with him about Wing Chun.  The well of knowledge is deep; you will learn a lot.

      After you feel confident in the basics of Siu Lim Tao, train it under real pressure with gear. It changes everything, especially your own mind.  You must condition your mind AND your bodies to be able to deal with force and strength.

      Be patient.  Nothing will kill your desire to learn Wing Chun more than your impatience to know Kung Fu already!  Trust that where your Sifu is taking you will lead you to exactly where you want to go.  You must be willing to do the same motion repetitively for long periods of time and just when you think you got it, you don’t.  ‘Cause everything changes and everything is dynamic.  “Move slow, learn fast”.

      Do not compare yourself to your fellow  classmates.  Talent is not important.  Dedication and showing up is important.  There is a great book called Mastery by George Leonard. Read it.

      Ultimately, it is not about us, it is about you. You get out of something what you put in.

      Sifu Kimmy

      siu Lo Si Serj

      Siu Lo Si Serj Macias

      Junior Assistant to Sifu