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Youth Curriculum – Kid’s Wing Chun

Youth Curriculum – Kid’s Wing Chun

Our Kid's Wing Chun Curriculum is the same as the Adult Curriculum. The difference is in how it is organized, how it is taught and what is emphasized.


Our White Sash (intro) Curriculum is organized into 14 lessons. Stance and structure, power, wedge, simultaneous attack & defense, and centerline theory are emphasized.

Wing Chun is a combination of soft and hard energies. When teaching adults, we must emphasize relaxtion, because adults tend to be muscularly tense. When teaching children, we must emphasize power and structure since children are more naturally relaxed. In this way, we can create a balance of both energies.

Our Yellow Sash Curriculum is organized into 9 Skills:
Footwork under Pressure, 1 Strike Under Pressure, 1 Strike 2 Beats under Pressure (skill of trapping emphasized), 2 Strikes Under Pressure, Speed & Power, Sensitivity, Coordination and Skill, Random Multiple Attacks under Pressure and Anti-Grappling Under Pressure.

In general, our Yellow Sash Curriculum builds upon power and structure, and introduces the student to more dynamic interactions. San Sik or Footwork and Handwork skills are emphasized.

Controlling in Wing Chun

By the time our students reach Blue Sash, they learn the exact same curriculum as our Chum Kiu (intermediate) level adults. Theory and Principles, while emphasized all along, are further explored at this stage. The curriculum is divided by principle and the skills of Bridging and Controlling your oppponent through trapping and stick are highly emphasized.

All sashes, thereafter, adopt the Adult curriculum. Red Sash focuses on energy, emergency skill, and strategy. Black Sash continues with weapon training.

After thorough completion of the Kid's Wing Chhun Curriculum, the youth may retake the course work with the Adults to further their skill and understanding.