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Why a Boot Camp Approach to Learning Wing Chun

By on Sep 15, 2018 in Wing Chun Teaching | 0 comments

1. Learning Wing Chun is about learning Control.  
Anyone can hit. Watch a three year old.  Learning to control your opponent is where Wing Chun’s major skill lies.  If you can control your opponent, you can hit them at will.  However, in order to control your opponent,  you must have control of your own body first, and then attain a thorough understanding of  our Principles and Concepts. 

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Fan Sau – Continuous Motion in Life and Kung Fu

By on Jun 9, 2018 in Ip Man Kung Fu Blog | 0 comments

Fan Sau Continuous Motion in Life and Kung Fu Constant motion refers to any type of motion that fits either of the following two principles: (1) the distance traveled by the object is the same for each second, or (2) the speed of the object changes by the same amount each second. Thus, the structure of a Continuous Motion technique “Fan Sau” is attributed to changes...

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