Martial Arts for Families


Hone your family values by learning martial arts together!

Family Wing Chun

Our Family Martial Arts classes are appropriate for Parents and Kids ages 6 to 15.


Family Wing Chun

Martial Arts for Families

Wing Chun offers great health benefits for both parents and kids.

Both parents and children will improve physical fitness, coordination, agility and reflexes, all while learning practical and effective self-defense techniques. Each will experience stress-relief while improving mind, body and spirit.

Exercise and build a culture of respect within your family.

Our Ip Man Kung Fu family’s history is steeped in tradition and dedication. We teach Ip Man’s core set of values called Ip Man’s Code of Conduct:

◉ Remain disciplined – Conduct yourself ethically as a martial artist.
◉ Practice courtesy and righteousness – Serve the society and respect your elders.
◉ Love your fellow students – Be united and avoid conflicts.
◉ Limit your desires and pursuit of bodily pleasures – Preserve the proper spirit.
◉ Train diligently – Maintain your skills.
◉ Learn to develop spiritual tranquillity – Abstain from arguments and fights.
◉ Participate in society – Be moderate and gentle in your manners.
◉ Help the weak and the very young – Use martial skills for the good of humanity.
◉ Pass on the tradition – Preserve this Chinese art and rules of conduct.

Overcome Bullying Problems Together

Family Wing Chun works wonders on helping kids, teens, and adults overcome bullying and school problems while developing community to help support your family in a positive way. 

Further, Wing Chun helps self-esteem issues, anxiety, depression and much more.

defence techniques.



Family Class Schedule

Family Classes meet every
Monday 6pm -7pm
Open Trainings (open practice time) -
Thursdays 5:30pm - 6:50pm &
Saturdays 2pm - 4pm

+1 562 426 1949

4501 E Carson St #205 Long Beach, Ca 90808



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