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Authentic Wing Chun

Authentic Wing Chun is verifiable through proper documentation – certifications in training as a student, instructor training, and clear photo evidence of the path taken to achieve the right to call oneself Sifu of a certain lineage.

West Coast Wing Chun’s Chief Instructor, Sifu Bryan Talbot, is a fully documented Master Sifu of Wing Chun Kung Fu under the Ip Man Family lineage since 1989. This means the Wing Chun we will teach you comes from the most reliable and authentic source and has been passed to us from Ip Man to his two biological sons, Ip Ching and Ip Chun, as well as Sifu Talbot’s two Sifus Master Ron Heimberger and Grandmaster Samuel Kwok. 

Please view the documentation of his path and learning with the Ip Man Family below. Please read the full biography of our Chief Instructor and Founder, Sifu Bryan Talbot. Documentation includes certifications in training, teacher training and photos.  The path of his Ip Man Wing Chun training is easily traced back to 1989.  His prior years of Wing Chun training were in a mixed Martial Art scenario from the late 1970’s through the 1980’s.

Why Authentic Wing Chun Documentation is Important

Authentic Wing Chun is important for a few reasons:

1. The Well-Being of the Student

While no martial art or self-defense course is 100% effective 100% of the time, it is vitally important that a student is taught Ip Man Wing Chun by a teacher who who has had authentic training from a reputable Sifu.  Wing Chun should hold up as an effective means of self-defense and even in hand to hand combat situations, once skill is achieved by the student.  If the lineage and Wing Chun is in tact and has been trained with realistic force over time, then a student will have skill and raised their chances of surviving a dangerous encounter.  The safety of a potential student is important – a false sense of security benefits no one. 

2. The Preservation of Wing Chun

A Wing Chun lineage is like a family tree – the concern as the art gets passed down to future generations is that it will not remain intact. The survival of any skill can only be preserved through keeping an honest and ethical passing of the torch from teacher to student.   Documentation helps keep the art of Wing Chun preserved, as well as the culture it comes from.    Preserving Wing Chun culture is not dependent on birth status, but on the knowledge gained through proper teaching, through deep contemplation, and through proper respect.

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