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Wing Chun Classes

Wing Chun Classes

Chum Kiu Class

Wing Chun Class at the Chum Kiu Level

Here are some frequently asked questions about our Wing Chun Classes. We hope this helps answer any questions you might have about training martial arts with us. 

  1.  Why are your Wing Chun classes so long?  We feel that a shorter class of an hour does not allow for optimum learning.  Our classes are typically scheduled for between  1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours long.  Each class typically will consist of the form, group solo drilling and applied application, as well as lecture.  Understanding Wing Chun’s principles & concepts thoroughly and developing skill takes time.  
  2. Do your Wing Chun classes have free sparring? Sort of – full contact sparring is at advanced levels only. When a soldier trains, he is not given a weapon and expected to go into battle without any training.  Our students will never be thrown into a free sparring situation early on in their training.  He or she would resort to another martial art they had previously learned or tense and get overwhelmed.  No Wing Chun would come out.  However, we feel training your Wing Chun under realistic pressure is of the utmost importance.  When you are ready, at the intermediate level, Sifu Bryan will begin to put your Wing Chun under pressure (with gear) in a controlled environment, so you can make adjustments to your skill.  As you progress, he will loosen the control, so the fighting becomes more and more realistic.  He may record and critique your skill under pressure.  At advanced levels, he will encourage and advise you to participate in respectful egoless, full gear sparring.  
  3. How do you progress a student through the Wing Chun system?  Attendance to all Wing Chun classes is recorded.  Our different programs have different criteria to progress.  At the Boot Camp level, there are written quizzes and final exam, as well as  a practical final on the Siu Lim Tao form.  A student must attend and pass proficiency in all classes in the Siu Lim Tao & Chum Kiu programs, as well as take a final exam to progress to a new Program.  All of our Programs are based on the 3 open hand forms of Wing Chun, Wooden Dummy, Long Pole, and Wing Chun Butterfly Swords.   Advancement in the advanced programs, Biu Gee and Weapons, is at the sole discretion of Sifu Bryan Talbot.  See our Wing Chun curriculum here
  4. Why do I have to take Wing Chun Boot Camp classes if I already have Wing Chun experience? There will be some differences between what you have already learned and what we teach.   The Wing Chun we teach, under the direction of our Chief Instructor Sifu Bryan Talbot, is a culmination of his 40+years of Kung Fu experience under the esteemed lineages of some of Wing Chun’s greatest and renowned Masters, Grandmaster Samuel Kwok & Master Ron Heimberger (deceased).  Read about our Wing Chun lineage here and GM Samuel Kwok’s website here.  The forms, the energies and the applications will have slight differences, in some cases large differences compared to what you are used to. You must take the Intro Boot Camp Course to fully understand the Wing Chun as passed down to Sifu Bryan through his lineage and teachers.  After Boot Camp, you will be evaluated to see which program (Siu Lim Tao, Chum Kiu, Biu Gee) Sifu Bryan feels is in your best interest.
  5.  Do I have to be in good shape to practice Wing Chun?  No.  However, our Wing Chun classes include solo drilling that will require you to train and train hard.  If you are not willing to work hard, then our kwoon is not right for you.  Sifu Bryan feels that repetition is important to burn Wing Chun motions into your muscles, therefore our classes contain group solo drilling that is intended to do just that. Further, he feels it is in your best benefit to attain the best physical fitness you can.  If a self-defense scenario presents itself to you, you must be able to withstand the rigors that a fight would demand.  You will be expected to work hard, but at your own level. We have students of all ages, sizes and disabilities.