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West Coast Wing Chun eGift Cards

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  • Women’s Self-Defense Course
  • Celebration of the Boar

Women’s Self-Defense Course

Our Women’s self-defense course is taught by a woman and is for women
only.  Sifu Kimmy Squiers will teach the 4 week course on Wednesdays
from 7:00pm – 8:00pm for four consecutive weeks beginning in
February.  Classes will be held on the following dates:

  • Feb 6, 2019
  • Feb 13, 2019
  • Feb 20, 2019
  • Feb 27, 2019

Why Wing Chun is the best Martial Art for Women’s Self-Defense

Wing Chun does not use force and force. You do not have to be big and strong to be effective against a larger opponent.  Effective angles and positioning, as well as specific Principles and Concepts, will help you even the playing field and give you the advantage over your opponent.
Learn more about Wing Chun, the martial art our Self-Defense Course is based on and why it is ideal for you

Quick Fact – The System of Wing Chun was created by a woman Nun/Monk named Ng Moi who taught the system to a young girl named Yim Wing Chun who used the art to defeat a man who tried to bully her into marrying him.

9 Basic Principles of Women’s Self-Defense 

We developed the 9 Basic Principles of Self Defense to teach women self-defense that is Principle based.  Most self defense courses will teach women to match technique against technique. If he does A, then do B.  If he does C, then do D. The problem with this is that an attack is always unpredictable! Then, fast forward to a year, two, or three years later,  it is very difficult to remember what you learned in class.  In a self-defense situation, you need to have fast reflexes and be assured in your counter-attack.  There is no time for thought, only action.  We give you simple ways to learn and apply our 9 Basic Principles of Self-Defense so when you need it, it will be right there for you to use.

Structure of our Self Defense Classes

The 9 Principles of Women’s Self-Defense will be spread out over four weeks.  Each week you will learn two or more Principles, then practice applying them in specific scenarios that include grabs and grappling,  chokes and strangles, punches and ground-work.

Learn the 9 Principles of Self Defense

More information on Sifu Kimmy Squiers.

Celebration of the Boar

Chinese Calligraphy Show, Demo and Workshop (Free Event)

Celebration of the Boar Febuary 2, 2019
4:30 pm – 6:30 pm

To be held at West Coast Wing Chun
2698 Junipero Ave #116
Signal Hill, Ca 90755

Celebrate the Boar with Master Shantien Tom Chow

Master Shantien Tom Chow has studied Chinese calligraphy and painting under masters of the 1960’s. He has exihibited in Taiwan, Japan, China and the U.S., and has been teaching brush art for 30 years.

About Calligraphy – Touch of the Brush

Chinese Calligraphy, the ancient Chinese art of writing Chinese characters, closely resembles martial arts in that both are real time executions, with a battle won or lost within a single encounter or brushstroke.

Calligraphy is a discipline dedicated to life long improvement of physical and spiritual well being, and carries a deep respect for tradition.

Celebrate the Boar Event

Calligraphy Show

Master Tom Chow’s works and the works of his long students will be displayed. The artists will be present to discuss their works and the process of creating their pieces.

Refreshments will be served.

Calligraphy Demo

Master Tom Chow will demonstrate big brush calligraphy on the floor. His real time execution of energy and form is masterful. He has performed this specialized art form for Sony Corporation.

Calligraphy Workshop

Artists will demo real time Calligraphy for you and will then, give you a turn to make your own piece of Calligraphy. They will give your pointers and tips on how to apply the correct pressure, which part of the brush to use, which direction to flow, and the correct energy to place in your piece!