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Wing Chun Boot Camp® Program

West Coast Wing Chun Siu Lim Tao video

This is the first step on your path. All new students are required to complete our 3 month boot camp-style introduction to Wing Chun Kung Fu before attending regular classes.


Wing Chun Women Martial Arts Program™

Wing Chun for Everyone
Wing Chun is ideally suited for someone of a smaller stature as it uses positioning and turning, skill and scientific principles and concepts to overcome force, rather than brute strength. This program is taught by a woman and is for women only.


WCWC Martial Arts Kid’s Program

Youth Association_small
West Coast Wing Chun™ Youth Association is appropriate for children from ages 6 to 12.  If your child falls between these ages,  start here.


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 If you are wondering why you should study Wing Chun compared to another martial art, the following may help you make your decision:

  •   Wing Chun is highly effective on the street where there are no rules.

Wing Chun is a combat art. We do not try to score points, tap our opponent’s out or impress an audience. Our aim is to end a conflict that has become violent as quickly as possible.

  •   Wing Chun is simple & direct.

Wing Chun uses Principles of Economy, Motion & Time. The quickest route between two points is a straight line, so we do not use large, flowery “for show” movements. A violent encounter could mean life or death ~ every movement MUST count.

  •   Wing Chun is based on principles & concepts, not memorized techniques.

We do not become bound in our technique or bogged down to fight in any particular manner. As long as our technique abides Wing Chun principles & concepts, as well as proper structure so that we may lever optimum power, movement and stability, then we are free to use Wing Chun in the manner that suits any particular situation best.

  •   Wing Chun coordinates simultaneous attacks & defense.

Wing Chun uses an “attack mindset”. Our defense must create an opportunity to hit.

  •   Wing Chun may be used effectively against a  much, bigger and stronger opponent.

Wing Chun borrows the force of an opponent and returns it to him/her exponentially. It is not necessary to be big and strong to use the art effectively; this is why it is ideal for women and men of a smaller stature. Since we don’t know the size of the person who may attack us or a loved one, we believe it is a smart art for a person of any size.


Please note that most of our Wing Chun classes are 2 to 2 1/2 hours long, and sometimes even longer.  We believe that longer classes allow the student to more fully immerse him/herself in the art and understand it at a deeper, more visceral level.