Do you want to Learn Wing Chun Online?

It is our passion to teach you Wing Chun. We are committed to bring authentic Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu to your home – for you and your family.  The only question is…are you ready? 

Can You Learn Wing Chun Online?

Sometimes life is unpredictable and throws you a curve ball like we’ve all experienced with the coronavirus lockdown. Or maybe, you had to move away from your Wing Chun school.  Maybe your work schedule changed, and  you can no longer attend your Wing Chun classes.  Whatever the reason you seek virtual wing chun classes, embrace the concept of flexibility and adapt to the circumstance.  

Martial Artists of all types must learn to be flexible and adapt.  In fact, flexibility and adaptability are considered cornerstone concepts in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.  We must be able to adapt to any given situation because fights are unpredictable.

So, of course you can learn wing chun on the internet. When one embraces flexibility in thinking, learning Wing Chun virtually becomes not only possible, but can actually strengthen one’s technique, sensitivity, speed and reflex.  

We suggest students use the following approach when learning Wing Chun online. 


Learn Wing Chun’s Principles and Concepts.  

Be thorough. Study wide and deep.
Contemplate carefully.
Investigate and ask questions. 


Develop Skill and Conditioning 

Develop speed, reflex, conditioning and random reflex.
Develop Sensitivity through awareness.
Make use of home training equipment

Step 2

Develop muscle memory for form and drills.

Be able to execute with excellent technique in the air.
Evaluate and Re-evaluate. 

“Learn Slow, Move Fast.”

Step 4

Find a Safe Partner*

Apply Step 2 with a safe partner*.  Evaluate and readjust.
Increase pressure or force slowly.  
Evaluate and readjust.
Return to Step 1 & apply new understanding to other steps.


Practice Steps 1-5 with Creativity 

Be Flexible and Adapt

*Be sure to follow guidelines for your country, state, or city for socially safe distancing.  If you are unable to do so currently, practice steps 1-3 and 5 until you can safely practice with someone.  Your instructors will guide you. Remember,  Kung Fu is a process of re-evaluating and adjusting.  This is no different when learning Wing Chun online.  

meet your 5 WING CHUN ONLINE instructors

All of our Sifus are certified by the Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Martial Arts Association, 
as well as the West Coast Wing Chun Martial Arts Organization.

Master Wing Chun Instructor Sifu Bryan Talbot
Chief Instructor - Master Bryan Talbot
Senior Master Wing Chun Instructor Sifu Sung Choi
Senior Master Instructor - Sifu Sung Choi
Wing Chun Master Lead Instructor Sifu Kim Squiers
Lead Instructor - Sifu Kim Squiers
Wing Chun Master Instructor Sifu Lee Kim
Lead Instructor - Sifu Lee Kim
Wing Chun Instructor Lo Si Garrett Vice
Instructor - Lo Si Garrett Vice

Learn more about your Wing Chun Online Instructors

Our Wing Chun Online Curriculum Cycles

In Wing Chun, we have a proverb, “Circle and Straight Go Together”.  We have organized our entire curriculum around this Principle.  The West Coast Wing Chun curriculum offers a linear, logical progression, but cycles around so all of the Principles, Concepts and Drills we teach become reinforced into your mind and body.  

You and your family can benefit from learning LIVE Wing Chun online.

Benefits of Learning Wing Chun.

Benefits of Learning Wing Chun Online - LIVE - in real time with us.

students benefiting from wing chun online training

"I absolutely love the wing chun online training because it does keep my mind busy in a positive way, its therapeutic to study what I love and feel connected
to the Tung Moon and Sifu.
Lin Files

If you are hesitant about Wing Chun Online Training,
we ask that you read our blog entitled, "Can I Learn Wing Chun Online?"

Wing Chun Online Condition
Me Please!

My budget is tight.
Don't worry - we've got you covered.
$ Free
  • 1 Hour Class
  • Up to 800 calories burned each class
  • Drills & Exercises are based on Wing Chun motions and movements or will work on strengthening that is needed and beneficial in applying the art
  • All Classes are taught by a certified WCWC Instructor

I wanna take
a Wing Chun Online Trial Class!

Our Wing Chun Online classes
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$ 25
  • Your Shelter-in-Place Partner can Participate with you for Free
  • 2 1/2 Hour Class
  • Boot Camp Class - Teaches Wing Chun Fundamentals
  • Includes Wing Chun Conditioning (300-600 calories burned)
  • Includes Qi Gong
  • Cost Can be Applied to the Whole Darn Course
  • All Classes are taught by a certified WCWC Instructor

I wanna take the best
Wing Chun Online course!

I am ready to commit to my self-improvement and to beginning my wing chun online path.
  • Your Shelter-in-Place Partner can Participate with you for Free
  • Up to 6 Hours of Live Classes per week
  • Includes a Live Stream Q & A
  • Includes 2 Wing Chun Fundamentals Boot Camp Classes per Week
  • Includes Qi Gong
  • All Classes are taught by a certified WCWC Instructor
  • Includes Testing & Certifcation for WCWC Intro Course
  • No Contract

Learn wing chun online


Access our Instructors - Live Video Appointments
$ 25
& up per 15 minute session
  • Choose 1-on-1 Access to one of our 5 Certified Wing Chun Instuctors
  • Gain Real-Time Correction
  • Choose a Time-Slot that Works for You


Gain Access to Recorded Live Video Sessions
$ 29
  • Access Recorded Videos of Live & Online Video Classes at your Level
  • Worry Free Live Training - Don't Worry if You Have to Miss a Class!
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