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It is our passion to teach you Wing Chun Online. 
We are committed to bring authentic Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu to your home –
for you and your family, no matter where you are located.  
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West Coast Wing Chun Online Programs

Adult Wing Chun Online:

Real-time Live Classes

3-Month Wing Chun Boot Camp™ Certification

Adults start with our introductory Wing Chun Boot Camp™ course.  These eleven live online class take a deep dive into the fundamental theory of Wing Chun while burning Wing Chun’s techniques into your muscle memory.  Get fit while you learning all the necessary building blocks to
master the art.  Ages 15 & Up.

Classes are a live-stream of our In-Person Classes from Long Beach & San Diego Kwoons. These classes are taught as hybrid classes, so all students online will participate as if they are in there in person.  When it is time to execute paired application drills, if the online student does not have a partner, then the instructor will give the online students moderated drills intended for the solo practitioner.  Participation is required with cameras turned on. Corrections will be given to the online students.

Class times are:

 Tuesday 7pm – 9pm Pacific Time
Thursday 7pm-9:30pm Pacific Time

Family Wing Chun Program - Ip Man WIng Chun Kung Fu.

Family Wing Chun Online :

Real-time Live Classes

Introductory Course Certification for both
Kids & Adult

Family Wing Chun is the perfect solution to family time.  Our curriculum is specially designed to give you and your child a strong foundation in Wing Chun.  The drills are designed to develop your child’s power and structure while developing your soft, relaxed power – each a necessary component for effective Wing Chun. After proficiency and understanding is achieved in this set of fifteen classes, parents and kids may continue on to the next level together or each continue separately in the youth and adult program.

Class time is:


Saturday  7am Pacific Time 


Looking for Kids Only classes? Please learn more about our in-person kids’ martial arts classes in Signal Hill, Ca.

Can You Learn Wing Chun Online?
Wondering if you can

Learn Wing Chun Online?

Can you learn Wing Chun Online?

The question, “Can you learn Wing Chun online?” comes up a lot in social media threads.

More often than not, it inspires fight-club style typing brawls across the digital web. Stay clear and on course.

The answer depends on an individual’s mindset, the approach and the chosen instructor.

Ultimately, if a person wants to learn Wing Chun and the online format is an option, it is viable.

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meet your 5 WING CHUN ONLINE instructors

All of our Sifus are certified by the Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Martial Arts Association, 
as well as the West Coast Wing Chun Martial Arts Organization.

Master Wing Chun Instructor Sifu Bryan Talbot
Chief Instructor - Master Bryan Talbot
Senior Master Wing Chun Instructor Sifu Sung Choi
Senior Master Instructor - Sifu Sung Choi
Wing Chun Instructor Lo Si Garrett Vice
Instructor - Lo Si Garrett Vice

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You and your family can benefit from learning LIVE Wing Chun online.

Benefits of Learning Wing Chun.

Benefits of Learning Wing Chun Online - LIVE - in real time with us.

students benefiting from wing chun online training

"I absolutely love the wing chun online training because it does keep my mind busy in a positive way, its therapeutic to study what I love and feel connected
to the Tung Moon and Sifu.
Lin Files

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