Can You Learn Wing Chun Online?
The question, "Can you learn Wing Chun online?" comes up a lot in social media threads. More often than not, it inspires fight-club style typing brawls across the digital web. Stay clear and on course. The answer depends on an individual's mindset, the approach and the chosen instructor. Ultimately, if a person wants to learn Wing Chun and the online format is an option, it is viable.

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Can You Learn Wing Chun Online?

Potential Reasons for Learning Wing Chun Online

If you are wondering whether or not  you can learn Wing Chun online, it most likely means you don’t have access to a reputable school and lineage/sifu in your area.  Maybe you moved away from your Wing Chun school. 
Perhaps your work schedule changed.
Or maybe your Wing Chun school closed down due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn Wing Chun online, it is valid.  Don’t let anyone else decide what you should or should not do. It’s up to you and you alone.

However, before you decide as to whether learning Wing Chun online is right for you, let’s take a look at the mindset and approach that is required to learn Wing Chun effectively online.

Martial Artists' Mindset

Whatever the reason you seek virtual Wing Chun classes, embrace the concept of flexibility and adapt to the circumstance. Martial Artists of all types must learn to be flexible and adapt. In fact, flexibility and adaptability are considered cornerstone concepts in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. We must be able to adapt to any given situation because fights are unpredictable.

When one embraces flexibility in thinking, learning Wing Chun virtually becomes not only possible but can strengthen one’s technique, sensitivity, speed, and reflex.

We suggest students use the following approach when learning Wing Chun online.

Approach to learning Wing Chun Online


Learn Wing Chun’s Principles and Concepts.

Be thorough. Study wide and deep. Contemplate carefully. Investigate and ask questions.  

Step 2

Develop Coordination & Muscle Memory 

Be able to execute form and drills with excellent technique in the air.
Evaluate and Re-evaluate.
“Learn Slow, Move Fast.”
Make use of home training equipment,


Develop Skill and Conditioning 

Develop speed, reflex, conditioning and random reflex. Develop Sensitivity through awareness. Make use of home training equipment.


Find a Safe Partner *

Apply Step 2 with a safe partner*.  Evaluate and readjust.
Increase pressure or force slowly.  
Evaluate and readjust.
Return to Step 1 & apply new understanding to steps 2, 3, and 5. 


Practice Steps 1-5 with Creativity

Be flexible and adapt.

*Be sure to follow guidelines for your country, state, or city for socially safe distancing.  If you are unable to do so currently, practice steps 1-3 and 5 until you can safely practice with someone.  Remember,  Kung Fu is a process of re-evaluating and adjusting your skill and technique  whether you are learning online, at home, or in-person.

Learning Wing Chun Online is not for Everyone

However, everyone CAN do it with the proper mindset and approach.   It’s up to you. 
 I’ll leave you with this final thought by a leading mindset coach, Prince EA:

Imagine Where You'd Be If You Started When you Said You Were Going to Start​

Prince EA