Whether you're a student of West Coast Wing Chun or not, you will find our Wing Chun Study Guide useful for your training. It's easy to learn Wing Chun Vocabulary with the right tools. We offer flashcards, matching games, and practice tests to help you learn.

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Boot Camp Study Guide

Wing Chun Boot Camp Study Guide Booklet contains more than just vocabulary! It contains essays, diagrams and other pertinent information to help you understand some of Wing Chun’s basic lessons. This study guide should  be purchased to accompany our Wing Chun Boot Camp Course.


While the above booklet contains great information to help you on your Wing Chun journey, we additionally recommend using the following flashcards and games to learn the vocabulary. These games are a fun and interactive way to learn.

More information on Siu Lim Tao

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Wing Chun Videos Instructional

Siu Lim Tao – The Form

by Sifu Bryan Talbot

closed door Wing Chun VIDEO SERIES

This video was created with the student in mind. It is easy to follow and thorough in its explanations. At first, the form is presented by Master Talbot in its entirety. Then, it is presented in short sections to facilitate memorization, correct positioning, and proper energy. No detail is left out!

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Sifu Bryan Talbot - Master of Kung Fu

About Sifu Bryan Talbot

Sifu Bryan Talbot is a highly skilled martial artist and Chief Instructor at multiple Wing Chun schools across the United States. With 50 years of martial arts experience and 38 years dedicated to Ip Man Wing Chun, he has spent 32 years sharing his knowledge as a teacher.

Under the tutelage of renowned masters like Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, Sifu Talbot has earned accolades, including Certified Master by the World Wide Martial Arts Association and Instructor of the Year in the 2013 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He also trained with Master Ron Heimberger and earned various distinctions from the Wing Chun Kung Fu Council.

In combining his mastery of Wing Chun with his Reiki Master expertise, Sifu Bryan Talbot has made an immense impact on his students and the martial arts community as a prominent figure in the Ip Man Wing Chun lineage.


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