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West Coast Wing Chun Tucson

About Wing Chun Tucson

West Coast Wing Chun Tuscon, Arizona is under the direction of Master Sifu Bryan Talbot, one of two USA Representatives of Grandmaster Samuel Kwok. 

Grandmaster Kwok is the most revered student of Ip Man’s two sons, Ip Chun and the late Ip Ching. He is the only student to participate in a formal Bai Si ceremony with both. He is considered one of the top Ip Man Wing Chun authorities in the world.

Master Talbot is no stranger to Wing Chun in Arizona. In the ’90s, he was the Arizona representative under Master Ron Heimberger, disciple to Ip Ching, for the Wing Chun Kung Fu Council. He opened his first Wing Chun school in Prescott, Arizona. During that time,  he taught many Arizona Sifus: the late Sifu Rick Frye from Prescott Valley; Sifu Angela Minerva who taught in Phoenix; Sifu Barry Terrell, who now teaches in Michigan; and Sifu Keith Worfel, who now teaches in Denver. 

About Wing Chun:

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a fighting and empowerment system that is effective and efficient.
It excels in close-range fighting when trained from a reputable source.

  Training focuses on developing sensitivity of touch through Chi Sau as well as short-range power to overcome unpredictability and lack of momentum at close-range.  It is a complete fighting system.

  West Coast Wing Chun is a traditional martial arts school that employs both traditional and modern training methods.   Our curriculum is unparalleled in organization and structure.  

Wing Chun Curriculum


Most Sifus teach different levels in the same class and often don’t know what they’ll be teaching before they hit the Kwoon floor.  They embrace a circular method of teaching that leaves the students confused and with too much time trying to catch their fellow students up while the Sifu sorts out the other students.   

The WCWC Solution: 

Sifu Talbot uses a Wing Chun Maxim as a guide on how to effectively teach Wing Chun: “Circle and Straight go together. “

Linear Path to Learn

Sifu Talbot has created a linear curriculum with over 110 classes and more than 250 hours of training – not counting the Wing Chun Dummy and Weapons. 

Every time our students come to class, the instructor knows which class he is teaching.  Everyone in the class, regardless of skill level, has the fundamental tools to be able to apply and execute those lessons.  This means everyone can focus on the same thing: the lessons of the day. 


Circular Path to Reinforce

Each level of our program follows that linear path, then begins again, repeating itself, so the student can fine tune his technique after he has completed the first cycle.  This reinforces the muscle memory and the understanding of Principles and Concepts.

Students test physically on a per class basis when they feel they are ready.  So, everyone learns at their own pace. 

Wing Chun Online Classes

Can You Learn Wing Chun Online?


Sometimes life is unpredictable. Maybe your state is on coronavirus lockdown. Perhaps you’ve had to move away from your Wing Chun school.  Or your work schedule changed, and  you can no longer attend your Wing Chun classes.  Whatever the reason you seek virtual wing chun classes, embrace the concept of flexibility and adapt to the circumstance.  

Martial Artists of all types learn to be flexible and adapt because fights are unpredictable.  In fact, flexibility and adaptability are considered cornerstone concepts in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

So, when people ask if you can learn Wing Chun on the internet, our reply is “Yes!” When one embraces flexibility in thinking, learning Wing Chun virtually becomes not only possible, but can actually strengthen one’s technique, sensitivity, speed and reflex.  

We suggest students use the following approach when learning Wing Chun online.



Learn Wing Chun’s Principles and Concepts.  

Be thorough. Study wide and deep.
Contemplate carefully.
Investigate and ask questions. 

Step 2

Develop muscle memory for form and drills.

Be able to execute with excellent technique in the air. 
Evaluate and Re-evaluate. 

“Learn Slow, Move Fast.”


Develop Skill and Conditioning

Develop speed, reflex, conditioning and random reflex.
Develop Sensitivity through awareness.
Make use of home training equipment.


Find a Safe Partner*

Apply Step 2 with a safe partner*.
Evaluate and readjust.
Increase pressure or force slowly.  Evaluate and readjust.
Return to Step 1 & apply new understanding to other steps.


Practice Steps 1-5 with Creativity

Be flexible and adapt.

*Be sure to follow guidelines for your country, state, or city for socially safe distancing.  If you are unable to do so currently, practice steps 1-3 and 5 until you can safely practice with someone.  Your instructors will guide you. Remember,  Kung Fu is a process of re-evaluating and adjusting.  This is no different when learning Wing Chun online.  

Wing Chun Online Calendar

Adult Wing Chun Program


6:30pm – 7:30pm PDT
Adult Wing Chun Conditioning


7:00pm – 9:00pm PDT
Wing Chun Boot Camp Fundamentals


8:00am – 10:00am PDT
Wing Chun Boot Camp Fundamentals

Family Wing Chun Program


4:00pm – 4:30pm PDT
Parent and Child Wing Chun


7:00am -7:30am PDT
Parent and Child Wing Chun

Youth & Juniors Wing Chun Program


5:00pm -5:45pm PDT
Youth Wing Chun Fit


5:00pm -6:00pm PDT
Youth White Sash – Beginner


11:00am – 11:30am PDT
Youth White Sash – Beginner

In-Person Wing Chun Classes

We don’t currently offer in-person classes in  

West Coast Wing Chun Tucson

Wing Chun Seminars

Seminars will resume when restrictions (due to Covid-19) on in-person hand to hand training is lifted.

Meanwhile – we are offering the following online Private Training Courses:
Entire Wing Chun Wooden Dummy
Wooden Dummy Chi Sau

Meet the Instructors

All of our Sifus are certified by the Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Martial Arts Association, 
as well as the West Coast Wing Chun Martial Arts Organization.

Master Wing Chun Instructor Sifu Bryan Talbot
Chief Instructor - Master Bryan Talbot
Senior Master Wing Chun Instructor Sifu Sung Choi
Senior Master Instructor - Sifu Sung Choi
Wing Chun Master Lead Instructor Sifu Kim Squiers
Lead Instructor - Sifu Kim Squiers
Wing Chun Master Instructor Sifu Lee Kim
Lead Instructor - Sifu Lee Kim
Wing Chun Instructor Lo Si Garrett Vice
Instructor - Lo Si Garrett Vice
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