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Youth Advancement – Kid’s Wing Chun

Youth Advancement - Kid's Wing Chun


While traditional Wing Chun does not use a sash system of advancement, we have chosen to create and adopt a sash system for our youth to motivate our students.

However, we are careful to balance our sash system with true learning and development. While goal setting is taught and important, we also teach the children the importance of learning for knowledge and self-improvement.


kids wing chun testing
Students Lined up to get their Results
Colin receiving his Score

Except for the White Sash (the first sash), all sash advancements are earned through formal testing. The formal testing experience gives the children the confidence to deal with stressful situations.

When a child puts in the necessary accumulated effort, and he/she passes, he/she begins to earn and learn a healthy confidence. When a child does not pass and fails, he/she learns about the process of overcoming challenges. He/she learns what is necessary to succeed the next time. We have never had a child fail a test 2x in a row.

Students will formally test, usually, about every 6 months. This will vary based on level and the individual student.

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All of our Youth are "sorted" like Harry Potter into Houses:
Monkey House, Dragon House, Tiger House and Snake House.

Students take on daily and/or monthly challenges and earn points based on their accomplishents, attitude, growth etc. They are then able to "spend" their points or save their points in exchange for various prizes. Prizes could vary from small items like Kung Fu patches to larger prizes like a Pizza Party.

Each month, we award first, second and third place ribbons to point leaders, and hang the flag of the House with the highest point average in the kwoon.

Dragon House Challenge!