Wing Chun Woman Instructor Sifu Kimmy Squiers with Sifu Samuel Kwok
Wing Chun was founded by a woman monk (nun) named Ng Moi, and the art itself was named after "Yim Wing Chun", a young girl who sought the help of the nun to defeat a brutish warlord who forced himself on her. Our history is steeped in the empowerment of women, and we honor this rich history by continuing the empowerment of women.

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Our Wing Chun Women Instructors

Wing Chun Women instructors offer a perspective that all can benefit from. As a female Wing Chun master, I am often forced to look at situations from a slightly different perspective than a man, as I have not been able to rely on my strength to deal with adversaries. While I want both my female and male students to make use of all their power, I teach them to not rely on it. You never know when an opponent will be bigger and stronger than you are.

Sifu Kim Squiers

Wing Chun Master Lead Instructor Sifu Kim Squiers

11 Years Martial Arts
11 Years Ip Man Wing Chun
10 years teaching Ip Man Wing Chun 

Reiki/Energy Master

Learn more about  Sifu Kim Squiers

Siu Lo Si Jessica DeFalco

Junior Assistant to Sifu

6 Years Martial Arts
6 Years Ip Man Wing Chun
4 years teaching Ip Man Wing Chun 

Siu Lo Si Lorena Alvarez

Junior Assistant to Sifu

5 Years Martial Arts
5 Years Ip Man Wing Chun
3 years teaching Ip Man Wing Chun 

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